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GENOA. June 14 Costa Cruises will celebrate its new flagship Costa Diadema November 7, with a special event Baptism to be held in Genoa, where Costa Cruises was founded and has its headquarters.

This year there will also be an exceptional protagonist: for the first time, after a selection, you will be choosing a travel agent, who will become the godmother of Costa Diadema.

From July to September, 2014, the Costa select among agents partners around the world through a special initiative for them.

The big event will be a tribute to the city of Genoa and guests of Costa Tiara, as well as the exceptional godmother, who for one night become a true “Star”, as Claudia Cardinale, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Marion Cotillard, and Margaret Madè others have christened the Costa ships in the past.

The Baptism of Costa Tiara, the “Queen of the Mediterranean” will be a great surprise for the city of Genoa, but especially for guests of the new flagship, which will have the unique opportunity to book their participation in the ceremony of baptism and match it to the cruise vernissage from Trieste on November 1, 2014, or the first inaugural cruise, which will depart from Savona on 8 November 2014.

In addition, you can purchase the shares for the inaugural event and just spend the night of November 7 on board.

The festivities will begin at 17:00 Costa Diadema and will last until late at night.

The ship will be docked at the Ponte dei Mille, the historical maritime station of Genoa, where, from the stage of the elegant “Emerald Theatre” of the ship, the godmother will deliver the traditional formula, “I’ll give you the name Costa Diadema,” to which the Commander reply “Godmother, in God’s name, size.”

It will be the most exciting moment of the evening, during which the godmother will cut the ribbon to break a bottle of champagne on the bow of the Costa Diadema, as required by the ritual.

Guests on board will be able to attend the ceremony which will be held in the theater or watch it from the big screens in the central pool “Lido Diana”, and the many decks of the ship.

After the baptism, guests will participate in an elegant gala evening on board, where renowned chefs will prepare a special menu of traditional Mediterranean.

In the elegant setting of Costa Tiara, the festivities will continue throughout the night in a continuous succession of dances with professional artists, stunt shows, music, colors and mysterious masks that will be donated to the guests to celebrate a special event on November 7.

The event will close in grand style with light to illuminate the sky of Genoa, while Costa Diadema greet the city. Guests will have the unique opportunity to admire the spectacle exclusive outdoor promenade of the ship long over 500 meters from the pool deck or in the party. Costa Diadema will sail from Genoa in the night and in the morning of 8 November will reach Savona, where to start for the inaugural cruise.

Costa Diadema is under construction at the Fincantieri shipyard in Marghera and will be delivered October 30, 2014. Costa Cruises has invested approximately € 550 million for its new flagship. The project engages a total of around 1,000 direct employees of the shipyard and other industries 2,500. The benefits for employment is not unique to the site but, especially for the construction of the interior, also 400 external companies, most of which are Italian.

Costa Tiara will be the “Queen of the Mediterranean”, proposing a new way to discover the Mediterranean Sea, with exclusive cruises that will affect five ports Italian – Trieste, Naples, Genoa, La Spezia and Savona – and becoming an ambassador of the best of Italy .

From 29 November 2014 and for the entire winter season 2014/15 and summer 2015, the new flagship will propose an itinerary of a week that depart from Savona and will call every week in Marseille, Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca, Naples and La Spezia . These cruises allow you to visit one holiday in Florence and Naples, two of the most popular Italian cities of art, and beautiful Mediterranean cities like Barcelona and Marseille.

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The new luxury hit and run









Dream resort with 5 or – why not? – 6 stars. Paradise islands to reach with flights superior. Caribbean cruises. Tour thousand and one night in the most exclusive locations on the planet. Luxury holidays are desired by many. And in the pockets of a few. Often sold as honeymoons to crown the exclusivity of the ceremony. But there are repeaters that it grants a year.

According to a study conducted by Aigo (Luxury Travel: international trends, in collaboration with Pangaea Network) and presented in March, luxury travel continues to “pull”, but also in the high target traveling for shorter periods. The research (conducted on over 360 industry professionals, in 6 European markets) shows that as many as 77% of the adv sells luxury packages. 47% said that customers book more than 4 trips per year (in 2013 it was 51%). It also shows a decrease in the average length of stay: 10 days for 46% of the respondents compared to the two weeks indicated last year by 34%. The average cost is between 5 thousand and 10 thousand euro.

In line with the trends of 2013 onwards, customers continue to buy packages that include transfers and excursions (69% of respondents); only two out of 10 people only start booking your flight and accommodation. Among the most popular destinations: United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Oman, Brazil, India, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, U.S., China, Indonesia, Thailand and the Maldives.


Cuddles format honeymoon

“Luxury? We treat it often. Also because we have lost the average customer. “So says Laura Pasquale Agency Geo Explorer Bisceglie (BT): “These practices are important especially related to honeymoons. The wedding lists – as they often already own household or live in small houses – they are now almost exclusively in the agency and in the months pre-wedding, especially here in the South where ceremonies are important and time-consuming, you do not have time to organize the journey.

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