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The new luxury hit and run









Dream resort with 5 or – why not? – 6 stars. Paradise islands to reach with flights superior. Caribbean cruises. Tour thousand and one night in the most exclusive locations on the planet. Luxury holidays are desired by many. And in the pockets of a few. Often sold as honeymoons to crown the exclusivity of the ceremony. But there are repeaters that it grants a year.

According to a study conducted by Aigo (Luxury Travel: international trends, in collaboration with Pangaea Network) and presented in March, luxury travel continues to “pull”, but also in the high target traveling for shorter periods. The research (conducted on over 360 industry professionals, in 6 European markets) shows that as many as 77% of the adv sells luxury packages. 47% said that customers book more than 4 trips per year (in 2013 it was 51%). It also shows a decrease in the average length of stay: 10 days for 46% of the respondents compared to the two weeks indicated last year by 34%. The average cost is between 5 thousand and 10 thousand euro.

In line with the trends of 2013 onwards, customers continue to buy packages that include transfers and excursions (69% of respondents); only two out of 10 people only start booking your flight and accommodation. Among the most popular destinations: United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Oman, Brazil, India, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, U.S., China, Indonesia, Thailand and the Maldives.


Cuddles format honeymoon

“Luxury? We treat it often. Also because we have lost the average customer. “So says Laura Pasquale Agency Geo Explorer Bisceglie (BT): “These practices are important especially related to honeymoons. The wedding lists – as they often already own household or live in small houses – they are now almost exclusively in the agency and in the months pre-wedding, especially here in the South where ceremonies are important and time-consuming, you do not have time to organize the journey.

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